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A brief summary of the department
1. Various matters related to legislative work were earlier being handled in the General Administration Department and various judiciary departments, and in order to overcome these tasks more efficiently, the separate department under the name of the central government came into existence on 1st July, 1975. Similarly, the name of that department was changed from June 30, 1978 to the Parliamentary Affairs Department.
2. For administrative reasons, general administration department and this department's establishment are shared. Therefore, the information regarding the establishment information of this department is included in general administration department information.
3. In this department, 6 offices are working with cash branch and secretary is the head of the department. The additional charge of the post of Secretary of the Department has been entrusted to the Principal Secretary (Law, Legislation), Law and Justice Department, Ministry, Mumbai. In this department, 37 posts are sanctioned in each category, each of which has one post of secretary, co-secretary, higher level stenographer (Marathi and English), confidential clerk, cashier, payment accountant and cell officer-5, assistant -8 and clerk-Typing-9 and class -course includes seven posts.
4. The nature of the work of these departments is different from the work of other ministries, whereas the Maharashtra Legislature Secretariat and other ministries are mainly coordinated with the work of coordinating the functioning of the Legislature Convention. In order to invite the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for two consecutive conferences and to organize it, the order of the Honorable Governor received the order and sent it to the Maharashtra Legislature Secretariat. It also includes preparing the proposal of the Governor's address in the inaugural session of the year and the first session after the General Assembly election. The first two of the presentations are presented in the annual budget and monsoon session and the winter session was in Nagpur. Improvement of wages and allowances related to the Legislature of the Legislature, Legislative Assembly, Opposition Leader, Minister of State and Minister of State for the purpose. Also, the work is done to send the related departments to the fulfillment of the promises given by the government during the session during the session of Legislature Legislative Council and VidhanSabha , and to keep the details of the fulfillment of the returns received from these departments on the hall. Details of work that is handled in the activities of this department are given in the attached statement.
5. Looking at the overall nature of these departments, no plans or programs are being implemented by this department. Also, no services related to citizens are being provided. Besides, no regional offices / organizations / boards / corporations are functioning under this department.
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